Who or what will write your story in 2020?

As I reflect on not just this last year or decade, but on my entire life, I realize how much of the time I was letting other people and things, write my story. Literally. If you were reading the story of my life, you probably see where I gave the pen away freely without question,Read more ⟶

Good Habits Essential For Living A Happy And Successful Life

Is it time to change your life? If you don’t feel like you’re living in line with your purpose, it’s hard to feel fulfilled. However, it can be just as hard to take a leap into the unknown. In truth, changing your life is really more about making a series of small, adjustments known hasRead more ⟶

Four Questions I Ask Myself About 2019

FOUR QUESTIONS I ASK MYSELF ABOUT 2019 Very soon, 2019 will be history. Now is a good time to assess how you did. If we never pause to assess our performance, we might forfeit valuable lessons. With that in mind, here are four questions I challenge you—as I challenge myself—to ask concerning 2019: How didRead more ⟶

Three Basic Characteristics of a Mindful Leader

Mindful leaders come to work ready to inspire and empower those around them. They are transformational in a sense.  It is however sometimes difficult to lead with integrity, as there are constant distractions, disturbances and things that just “get in the way”. From the moment you get to the office, you’re bombarded with various distractionsRead more ⟶

What did I Learn Reading a Book a Week in 2019?

I always dismissed my inability to focus.  Outside of the Harper’s Bazaar, for years reading was merely a holiday past time, the benefits quickly forgotten within half an hour of returning from our annual summer break at Noosa. It was only when I suddenly had too much time on my hands, when the silence inRead more ⟶