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This HYIP offers 1.5-10.5% hourly! HYIP details here.

Detailed analysis and reviews HYIP project Cryptobots. Cryptobots offers 1.5-10.5% hourly!. Minimal Daily Profit is 1.66%. Minimal period for investment in Cryptobots is 3 days
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Paying!    Lifetime: 13 days
Payouts: 1.5-10.5% hourly!

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3 days


1.66% per day








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Located in the heart of London's financial hub, Cryptobots is a UK Registered company found by a group of Wall Street high frequency traders. We have 30 years of combined experience trading the currency market using cutting edge machine learning algorithms. It's the best time to utilize the machine learning Algo to trade cryptocurrencies because of huge volatility in these e-currencies. Our trading bots are connected to major Exchanges, placing orders at lightning speed, exploiting winning patterns in cryptocurrency market. We trade at millisecond intervals, those small profits do add up to consistent returns, day in and day out. We are a long/short fund, meaning there's always a chance to make profit no matter it's a falling or rising market. Don't miss the chance to draw profit from the crypto craze. Join us and double your returns in just 24 hours!

Experts of firmly believe in the prospects of cryptocurrency. We are able to analyze the market and draw the necessary conclusions on the basis of changes in the field of digital money: new approaches and algorithms of trading, fluctuations in the price chart, as well as new applying of Bitcoin and its derivatives types - forks and altcoins.

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When you are choosing first of all you choose a permanent and reliable financial partner, with whom you will be able to work for the next few years. The offered investment terms imply the indefinite financing our company from your side in return for guaranteed long-term income. In addition we have strict risk control,an enterprise risk control system running with our trading bots at the same time. Our ethos "Consistent profit with minimal risk!"

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