Crisis Leadership: What kind of a leader do you want to be?

A crisis is what defines a person and brings out either the best or the worst in them. It’s the same when it comes to leadership, a health come economic crisis like exactly what we are facing today will determine who is a real leader, has strong values and principles to guide others who areRead more ⟶

Learning to teach virtually: Resilience, understanding, and appreciation in a time of chaos

The Corona virus is affecting all aspects of lives across the globe. From the choices we make, to our daily routines, no person has been left unaffected. On top of the already chaotic reality of being academics in one of our nation’s leading allied health universities we are now working to maintain the educational rigorRead more ⟶

Patience is a Virtue; Especially When You are a High Achiever

“Patience is a virtue.” How many of you have heard that one before? I think we all have, right? I remember hearing that a lot growing up in a Catholic home. I think it was because I had NONE and my mom said it to me often. I even remember being told when making myRead more ⟶

Everything You Need to Know to Create a New Habit

Change is inevitable, so the old saying goes. But often, changing habits can be easier said than done! Still, although it can be quite a task breaking from a routine cycle, it’s certainly not impossible. Whether you want to be more organized, reduce your social media consumption, or improve your self-care, there are indeed some tricks you can apply to make your new habits stick. Let’s look at some proven ways to help you create new habits, one dayRead more ⟶

The Greatest Gamble of All Time

Unbeknown to most of us, the rate of extinction today is 500-1,000 times faster than previously experienced. It is safe to say that extinctions are happening significantly faster than ever before. An estimated 200 unique species go extinct every day. A species lost, on average, every 7 minutes, day and night. A rhino is shot forRead more ⟶

How to survive making the hard decisions

Outward Bound Australia, where I spent ten years of my life, announced they are going into hibernation due to Covid19. After the fires wiped out a lot of their outdoor operating areas in National Parks, the cancellation of programs through the winter was a death knell. They’ve let go of all but five of theirRead more ⟶

Pursuing your passions

Are you pursuing your passions?  I mean head down, full head of steam, going after them? Let’s be real, most of us aren’t. And, even if we are, we probably aren’t to that extent. But why not? Why is it that so few people are truly living out their best lives, and using their timeRead more ⟶

Relationship Crisis or Wake Up Call?

Life has its way of giving us feedback and letting us know when we are going in a painful direction. The feedback shows up in many forms. One of the forms is a relationship crisis. Unfortunately, however, often when this occurs rather than this being seen as an awakening process, it is perceived as aRead more ⟶