Palestra Olimpia New Gym Decide to Give Back During Quarantine.

The World Health Organsation is warning that these prolonged levels of staying at home due to the current wake of the Coronivirus. Could potentially have significant and negative effects on an individual’s mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Palestra Olimpia New Gym Director Michele Cicchiello and Fitness Instructor Dawn Jane Keogh, have suggested to their clientsRead more ⟶

Crisis and Creativity ~ Finding the Silver Lining in a [email protected]#% Storm

Photo by Erich Saide In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, we have the opportunity to realize the importance of all that we previously took for granted. Perhaps, you are noticing how much you appreciate simple things like having food in the fridge, time to experiment with new meal ideas, enough toilet paper, a shortRead more ⟶

What Is Spirituality? Exploring Spirituality For Beginners

You’ll likely have heard people frequently distinguishing spirituality from the religion, suggesting that it’s entirely possible to be spiritual without endorsing any particular religion. But what exactly does this mean? What does it mean to explore your spirituality, and should you spend time doing so? And does being spiritual require denying science and common sense?Read more ⟶

Living Dreams In Judy’s Rainbow 🌈! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

She was more than an entertainer, Hollywood icon, singer, actress, or dancer. Judy Garland is the performance of how to. . .dream! What she taught Hollywood, her audience, and the world, is that dreams are invisible hopes, that we seek in a reality. Her quotes, songs, performances, characters, and interactions with her audience were reflectionsRead more ⟶

Six Power Affirmations in Crisis

With all the information about the pandemic COVID-19 circulating the globe, we need to pause to express gratitude for all that we have. Here come six power affirmations that might have crossed your mind at some point of time in past days! We have enough. We have been taking for granted our gifts: nature, housing,Read more ⟶

Renovating in the midst of Covid-19: Smart or Not?

Spring is the time that homeowners usually begin to take on remodeling projects, repairs, and upgrades. But the current situation with self-distancing, self-isolation and sheltering in place mandated for states across the country forces us to rethink and postpone these tasks until we know more where we all stand in our collective battle to “flattenRead more ⟶

Hope…It’s My Super Power!

Simpler Times Today’s Brilliant Glimpse of Insight is based on a piece written by C.S. Lewis in 1939, when he said, “I think it is important to try to see the present calamity in a true perspective. The war creates no absolutely new situation: it simply aggravates the permanent human situation so that we canRead more ⟶

Children’s book teaches kids the importance of self-confidence

Sally Huss and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino began working together after a mutual friend, Coach Joe Sperle, introduced them. Having so much in common, they joined forces to create two best-selling children’s books, adding to Sally’s already extensive line of popular children’s books. That collection now exceeds 100 books. Author/Illustrator Sally Huss says she creates children’s booksRead more ⟶

Turns out there is more than one kind of patience.

You really never stop learning. In this last 2 years I learned that patience is not necessarily one of my virtues. It is funny because there are a lot of people in my life who would call me patient and understanding and in some situations I can be immensely patient. When I was in schoolRead more ⟶