Venture Unite: Empowering AI Startups to Revolutionize the Workplace

Over the past few years, large corporations have expanded the way that data moves across different markets and verticals. Today, AI is omnipresent in our everyday lives — powering things like maps, spam filters, banking transactions, social networking, and online shopping. AI has quickly become absorbed into business and leisure alike, adding value and enablingRead more ⟶

Highest Rated Psychotherapist and Counselor in Los Angeles

“Truth begins with two.” ~ Nietzsche Thank goodness! It has finally happened!  Yesterday a young man came into my office today and confirmed my worst suspicions! After more than a decade in private practice, a patient finally admitted that finding a therapist in Los Angeles is similar to dating on I concur unequivocally. AndRead more ⟶

Compassion For Self – Part 8

Living a compassionate life begins by taking compassionate, loving care of your health and your self. This is the 2nd Compassion enabling each us to achieve The Great Healing – for ourselves and for our planet. This weekly 11-part series excerpts and adapts Chapter 2 of the new book, The Great Healing – Five Compassions ThatRead more ⟶

The IRONY of Instagram

Hi friends, So this week we had some great Culture Classes. One of the 40 zeitgeisty subjects that we talked about (within the 60-minute class) was The IRONY of Instagram. We all know about the loads of research proving the links between social media use and mental health issues. It’s no surprise. In fact, just a few weeks ago,Read more ⟶

3 Steps to Creating Your Holiday Pause

Have you ever found yourself anticipating joy and fun for an upcoming holiday trip, only to find yourself pre-occupied with thoughts or issues pre-holiday? The entire trip seems like a blur and you realize you are no more rested or refreshed than before you left. Despite our best efforts, it is all too easy toRead more ⟶

What Meditation Has Taught Me About Handling High-Stress Situations

Meditation has helped me in so many ways, it is hard to put into a few sentences. I am much more aware of my thoughts and emotions. I feel not only more in control, but also more accepting of them. One of the most impactful things I have learned from meditation is that it isRead more ⟶

How to Comfort Ourselves in Times of Sadness and Grief

So yesterday I was in treatment at my chiropractor’s office and one usually relieving chiropractic movement sent me into deep sobbing. While I am grieving the end of my career on the staff of my beloved church, I am also experiencing indescribable emotions over one of my dear friends moving out of state, not toRead more ⟶

Top Influences: The News Portal International

Top Influences has emerged as a bold attempt of producing news for a targeted audience: bringing information from the world of communication to the professionals who actually make the communication. It is a new that gives special attention to events from a different point of view, with a pleasant, credible and useful approach. The portalRead more ⟶