Steelness Of A Woman, In Danger’s Quiet Sound! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

One of the powers and beauty of music, during this time of the international corona epidemic, is its power to bring mental, spiritual, and emotional clarity. As millions around the world, are experiencing the fear of food shortages, shortage of hospital beds, and intense fear, music and the arts are those special havens of quiet.Read more ⟶

An Outer Approach For Our Inner Spring! #LessonsOfCorona

Spring time is here! And the fascinating thing about seasons, is that they will always, be here. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world. Whether it be the political, societal, economic, or cultural issues of the day, the seasons will never change. That’s the beauty of Mother Nature. Even if we areRead more ⟶

Climbing To Higher Ground, For A More Successful You!

When we are aspiring to another realm, a greater level of success, there is an aura of discomfort which arises. Its as if you are pushing, or pulling, yourself out of a lower energy. You feel the effects of unease. Sometimes, it feels as if you are being lazy. Either way, it doesn’t feel veryRead more ⟶

A Circular Stability For A Teaching Harmony!

One of the auspicious attributes of instabilities or chaos is that it provides opportunity. A myriad of opportunities, in fact. Strategies and methodologies for fixing things and restoring harmony becomes explored. In turn, creativity becomes essential. Leaving an essence surrounding one’s ability to recognize that we do not always find solutions through traditional measures, butRead more ⟶

Fades Of Blackness For A Maiden’s Retreat! Black American Her/History Month

The world of country music is no stranger to Black American artistry and landscapes. From the likes of Tracey Chapman to those older, musical story tellers. Country music, too, has it’s birthing in Black American soiling. Owing its creation to the Deep South, the bringing of the banjo, from West Africa, stimulated the cultivation ofRead more ⟶

Saying Yes!

Saying Yes! What does that mean? When we say yes to life and abundance, wonderful and magical things happen. Below is an example of one of the stories in my book Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation. This is Jenny’s story of how saying yes paid off in a big way. ThereRead more ⟶