Tony Hawk and 10 Other Entrepreneurs Share the Books That Changed Their Lives

The world’s most successful people read an outsized number of books. You don’t have time to read a ton of books right now. So we asked these elite CEOs and Advisors in The Oracles to share the one book that profoundly changed their life and why. Here are the life-changing books you should be reading (or rereading) next.  1.Read more ⟶


Recently I was asked how to read books by a friend who would love to read but could not stay committed to reading. She is comfortable reading small books with few leaflets and gets discouraged to read when a book has more pages. After seeing the effects of reading; the change it brings to peopleRead more ⟶

Are Books are Here to Stay: Are eBooks Here to Stay?

Are eBooks here to stay? Are physical books here to stay? Do you have a preference — eBook or paperback? Or are you waiting? I understand — it is a difficult choice. On the one hand, the eBook has its benefits: Convenience — ebooks are immediately accessible Practicality — the process of manufacturing an eBookRead more ⟶

Vision Board – A Powerful Tool To Manifest Your Dream Life

While a vision board might sound like an odd concept at first, there’s a good chance that you’ve used a technique like this without even being aware of it. Have you ever cut out a recipe from a magazine, imagining yourself serving it at a dinner party? What about taking a screenshot of an outfitRead more ⟶

How To Reprogram Your Mind With A 300-Year-Old Wealth Hack Technique

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to always experience a life of full of wealth and abundance? Not just with money, but in all areas of their life – and it just looks so effortless? When in your reality, life seems challenging and mostly like hard work – leaving you to wonderRead more ⟶

Gratitude Journal: Prompts & Techniques Of Keeping A Journal

As Law of Attraction practitioners often note, experiencing and focusing on gratitude can help raise your vibration. Gratitude connects you with a vibration of abundance rather than one of lack, getting you into a frame of mind that promotes openness, growth, and positive change. Consequently, you’ll often see expert manifesters note that keeping a gratitudeRead more ⟶

How To Take Personal Responsibility And Stop Making Excuses

When things aren’t going your way, it’s hard to accept your own role in the situation. Often, it’s much easier to look externally – at other people, at the circumstances, or at just plain bad luck. However, while all of these things can be factors, failing to take personal responsibility can block you from becomingRead more ⟶

How To Journal: Scripting For The Law Of Attraction

In the Law of Attraction, you may have noticed that experts in manifestation often praise the power of journaling. Keeping a journal helps boost positive thinking and you can develop a clearer vision of your dreams. However, if you’ve never had a journal before then you may feel a little lost and intimidated at first, unsureRead more ⟶

Good Habits Essential For Living A Happy And Successful Life

Is it time to change your life? If you don’t feel like you’re living in line with your purpose, it’s hard to feel fulfilled. However, it can be just as hard to take a leap into the unknown. In truth, changing your life is really more about making a series of small, adjustments known hasRead more ⟶

What did I Learn Reading a Book a Week in 2019?

I always dismissed my inability to focus.  Outside of the Harper’s Bazaar, for years reading was merely a holiday past time, the benefits quickly forgotten within half an hour of returning from our annual summer break at Noosa. It was only when I suddenly had too much time on my hands, when the silence inRead more ⟶