32 Life Lessons I Learned in 32 Years as an Entrepreneur

Wow, time sure flies! Can you believe that I started entrepreneurship at age 24 after I’d put my head through a window in a car accident, and the injuries made it impossible to return to my PR agency job? I’m forever grateful that my boss and mentor, John Moscatelli, nudged me to service the agency’sRead more ⟶

Is Your Fear of Change Holding You Back?

How easily do you embrace change? As human beings, change is something that we are pre-programmed to not enjoy.  Our brains are kind of lazy by nature and they love it when everything stays exactly as it’s always been so they can run on autopilot, knowing that we’re safe in the life that we’ve alwaysRead more ⟶

The Secret to Life is in Asking

Life can be hard. We all deal with harsh situations like the pain of loneliness, a broken heart, deep grief, losing a job or serious health concerns. I’ve learned difficult life lessons over the years and remembering to ask myself a key question has been the secret to my sanity. Remembering to ask “What doesRead more ⟶

What did I Learn Reading a Book a Week in 2019?

I always dismissed my inability to focus.  Outside of the Harper’s Bazaar, for years reading was merely a holiday past time, the benefits quickly forgotten within half an hour of returning from our annual summer break at Noosa. It was only when I suddenly had too much time on my hands, when the silence inRead more ⟶