Be the Five: Help stop coronavirus

The current prevailing thought construction about COVID-19 is informed by a medical model of disease: respiratory illness. What we need is a paradigm shift. A model that promotes and encourages respiratory health and optimum wellbeing across the lifespan. Google and WHO teamed to offer a PSA “Do the Five.” I invite you to consider anRead more ⟶

Joyful Work, Through Restless’ Times!

In these current times, and states of Being, one can feel the fruition of hard work to be halted. Its the worst feeling, ever. Well, one of the worst. The anguish of disappointments and frustrations in not seeing one’s current work, blossom, is heightened. With job lay offs, changes in work schedules, restructuring your homeRead more ⟶

Burnout &crisis time – Who else will learn from it?

Only when hope left him In “Man’s search for meaning”, Viktor Frankl told a story. A prisoner of the Auschwitz’s Nazi concentration camp had a dream. In his dream, he wanted to know when he, his camp, would be liberated. And their sufferings came to an end. “March thirtieth”, the voice in his dream said.Read more ⟶

Coronavirus: Home Testing Innovation Can Reduce Stress, Fear and Uncertainty

I spoke to my sister-in-law yesterday who works for the Israel Tax Authority. A colleague from her office got infected with the coronavirus, and is in the hospital with his wife and all six kids. So her entire floor went into quarantine. In the meantime, her son (who helps out in his father’s store) gotRead more ⟶

Rising Creativity In the Time Of Corona!

Social distancing and isolation are two of the aftermaths in the global fight of the Corona virus epidemic. People are staying inside. Rarely going outside. And, it is causing anxiety, panic, and even depression for those who are not used to navigating such a predicament. It can even feel restless and suffocating. However, there isRead more ⟶

The Language We Can Use to Talk About Coronavirus With Our Kids

At every waking moment, it seems that we can’t escape hearing about Coronavirus. Every media outlet talks non-stop about COVID-19, so it’s no wonder that parents are worried about how to address this rapidly spreading contagious illness with their children.   I think it’s necessary to be careful of the language we’re using, especially with youngRead more ⟶

Five Things You Can Do to Manage Your Coronavirus Stress and Anxiety

COVID-19 is disrupting American life in unprecedented ways — inciting a wave of anxiety across the country. Even before the pandemic reached a tipping point last week, more than a third of adults surveyed said that coronavirus was having a negative impact on their mental health. More than half were worried about losing their jobsRead more ⟶

An Outer Approach For Our Inner Spring! #LessonsOfCorona

Spring time is here! And the fascinating thing about seasons, is that they will always, be here. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world. Whether it be the political, societal, economic, or cultural issues of the day, the seasons will never change. That’s the beauty of Mother Nature. Even if we areRead more ⟶

Chaos- Riding the Tide of Covid-19

Take close look at this Chinese/ Japanese Kanji symbol for chaos. Doesn’t it look like a surfer dude, knees bent, arms out for balance, riding a wave? Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic is a big wave. Yes, you can fall and tumble around in the ocean and get hit by a reef rock, nipped by aRead more ⟶

Healthy Loving For A Fight That’s Well!#Coronavirus

And so, this period continues. . .News stations are ongoing, and the current public health epidemic is what colors announcements. We are hearing it every hour, minute, second, and millisecond, the moment we decide to switch from a television series or film. We are told about its increasing spread. Provided with information on the numberRead more ⟶