Pursuing your passions

Are you pursuing your passions?  I mean head down, full head of steam, going after them? Let’s be real, most of us aren’t. And, even if we are, we probably aren’t to that extent. But why not? Why is it that so few people are truly living out their best lives, and using their timeRead more ⟶

Hope in the Time of COVID

Our perspective determines our understanding.  Our understanding determines our knowing. Our knowing determines our hope. There is no other moment in our lifetime that has the opportunity to break us apart or draw us closer together. For the past few weeks we have experienced the signs of distress and devastation as our fellow humans areRead more ⟶

Dawn of the Anthropocene

The Holocene Epoch of this Quaternary Period appears to be coming to an end. Our arrogance views this as the beginning of the “Age of Humankind”. Scientists tentatively call this new epoch, the Anthropocene, named after the Greek word for “human”. The first clear sign of our dominion over all things was climate change. The second was a mass extinctionRead more ⟶

Be the Five: Help stop coronavirus

The current prevailing thought construction about COVID-19 is informed by a medical model of disease: respiratory illness. What we need is a paradigm shift. A model that promotes and encourages respiratory health and optimum wellbeing across the lifespan. Google and WHO teamed to offer a PSA “Do the Five.” I invite you to consider anRead more ⟶

The Eye of the Hurricane: Leadership in the Age of COVID-19

For those in leadership positions, the coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented challenge. As we navigate the new normal for ourselves and for our loved ones, we carry the added responsibility of steering our organizations through uncertain times.  In times of crisis the need for leadership comes into sudden, clear focus — and, by the sameRead more ⟶

Joyful Work, Through Restless’ Times!

In these current times, and states of Being, one can feel the fruition of hard work to be halted. Its the worst feeling, ever. Well, one of the worst. The anguish of disappointments and frustrations in not seeing one’s current work, blossom, is heightened. With job lay offs, changes in work schedules, restructuring your homeRead more ⟶

Tips from a Psychiatrist on Coping at Home During Coronavirus

Across the country and indeed the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has upended people’s lives. Over 150 million Americans have been ordered to stay home, and the vast majority of them are not physically ill right now. This news still feels like a shock to the system, but as these radical changes shift from days to weeksRead more ⟶

The World after Corona: What You Can Do to Survive the Corona Crisis

I’m a positive person and always have been. I choose to see the good side in every bad situation. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t believe it’s a speedy train that is going to kill us all. And when it’s too dark, I choose to be the lightRead more ⟶

How To Stay Lively in Pandemic Lockdown

Pandemic do happen, but try to focus more on being hopeful that you will survive it, and the ideas to survive will be coming your way. This is how the law of attraction works and the universe is a support system to it. Corona Virus is yet another type of the history unfortunate occurrences, andRead more ⟶

6 Daily Habits to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit during the Quarantine

I’ve been using the word “surreal” a lot lately to describe this new reality we are living. It kind of feels like that week between Christmas and New Year’s, where I’m just kind of floating around not really knowing what day it is. In fact, I recently wished a friend a “Happy Saturday” and subsequentlyRead more ⟶