Mika Brzezinski: My Life in the Age of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is everywhere. It has affected everything in our lives, often radically so. So many Americans have already sacrificed so much to stop the spread and save lives. But we must do more. Of course, this is easier said than done. Let me share some details of our situation. Joe and I haveRead more ⟶

COVID-19 and what you are not doing to protect yourself

There is no doubt we, as a globe, are in unprecedented times. With the spread of COVID-19, we have experienced the inability to purchase toilet paper and other groceries when needed, states implementing shelter-in-place orders, countries shutting down borders and global economies all but crashing.  Currently, we are very limited in our ability to conductRead more ⟶

6 Tips To Get Through The Social Distancing Lockdown Without Going Crazy.

Disclaimer: This article is not advice on how to self isolate correctly or prevent coronavirus from spreading. You can find the latest updates about social distancing and self-isolation at: Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UKor NHS: Stay at home advice In this article, I’ll share with you tips that will help you getRead more ⟶

Protect Your Mind During the COVID-19 Crisis

Given the global state of affairs surrounding the COVID-19 crisis it’s fairly safe to say that, no matter where you find yourself reading this article right now, your life has been impacted in some way. For some, this situation is an inconvenience. However, for many millions of people around the world this has been, andRead more ⟶

Creating a Manageable Routine During a Pandemic

If you’ve ever read an inspirational book before, along the lines of something by Malcom Gladwell or Angela Duckworth, you might find a sudden urge to be extremely productive or to Get It Together like an adult would. But I often find that those routines and adrenaline-fueled mindsets don’t last longer than a meal; soRead more ⟶

Stockpiling Toilet Paper and Other Maladaptive Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

It was an otherwise ordinary afternoon in March. I’d been following the spread COVID-19, and I somewhat understood that it was reaching pandemic status in some parts of the country. Suddenly, my local community became hyper aware of the situation and reports started surfacing of runs on toilet paper. People across America – and theRead more ⟶

Complaining is a Luxury We don’t Have Right Now

I admit it. I want to rant and rave. I’m furious that the US is still failing to test for COVID-19 on a widespread scale. I’m pissed my friends who are nurses are assigned one mask per day. I want to complain. But complaining is a luxury I don’t have, so I take a deepRead more ⟶

In The Midst of Opportunity

John F. Kennedy is said to have quoted the following, “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” The accuracy of his quote has been disputed, even denounced, but the spirit of the quote is wonderfully applicable to the present day. If its alright withRead more ⟶

The Language We Can Use to Talk About Coronavirus With Our Kids

At every waking moment, it seems that we can’t escape hearing about Coronavirus. Every media outlet talks non-stop about COVID-19, so it’s no wonder that parents are worried about how to address this rapidly spreading contagious illness with their children.   I think it’s necessary to be careful of the language we’re using, especially with youngRead more ⟶

Opportunity is Now: Three Areas to Invest in Yourself

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to accelerate globally. The number of cases is doubling and more cities, states, and countries are practicing social distancing and self-quarantine. From all the news feeds and media alerts on the Coronavirus, businesses have chosen either to close, reduce down and/or assign regular 9 to 5 staff to work remotely. ThisRead more ⟶