Living Dreams In Judy’s Rainbow 🌈! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

She was more than an entertainer, Hollywood icon, singer, actress, or dancer. Judy Garland is the performance of how to. . .dream! What she taught Hollywood, her audience, and the world, is that dreams are invisible hopes, that we seek in a reality. Her quotes, songs, performances, characters, and interactions with her audience were reflectionsRead more ⟶

Getting What Will Go For You! Interview With Entrepreneur and CEO-Shinjini Das, Women’s Herstory Month 2020

When it comes to pursuing one’s dreams, it takes a courageous individual to truly go after them. It requires exceptional people to not only dream big, but to transform those dreams into fruition. Pursuing one’s dreams requires tons of endurance, persistence, and belief. It means that one has to envision that a goal will, comeRead more ⟶

Fulfilling Sleeping Dreams, For A Dreamer, Awakened!

Sitting in the mother’s kitchen table on January 20, 2020, is one of the highlights of this year. It was the annual and national celebration of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. A holiday that is celebrated every year, with a commemorative service at Ebenezer Baptist Church, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia USA.Read more ⟶