How to Embrace and Navigate Change to Create Success

Amidst these unprecedented, worrisome and challenging times, I am more so than ever, eternally grateful for the fact that as an Entrepreneur, I have already acclimated to living and working in isolation, while continuously spreading my #LivingFearlessly message to the collective. I believe fear has always been at the crux for what has kept people immobilized, stuck, unfulfilled,Read more ⟶

How Success Packs Push Your Project to Done

In my experience, the chief reason people don’t finish their most meaningful projects is because they’re trying to do it alone. Given that the more a project matters to us, the more we’ll thrash with it, it’s even more important that we build a team of allies around us, yet it’s the fear of havingRead more ⟶

The Five Projects Rule: Defining Your Best Work

A common challenge I help people work through is figuring out how much work they’re doing and whether they’re going to be able to finish the projects they have on deck in time. Most people have committed to too many projects — especially when we add in their personal projects — and they’re misdiagnosing theirRead more ⟶

The 1 Question Entrepreneurs Must Ask Themselves to Unlock Success

Anyone who’s been in the trenches as an entrepreneur, or hanging out in entrepreneurial circles for even just a little while, knows that there are several go-to phrases the business minded share to encourage others or find motivation for themselves. Chief among those is one by famed motivational speaker Les Brown: You don’t get whatRead more ⟶

Giving Back with Mike Skrpnek

WOW! WOW! WOW! The energy and synergy sparks last Friday on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald global airwaves…were through the vibrational roof! I love instantaneous gelling with my weekly radio/podcast guests! I love and appreciate when following a phenomenal interview, I find myself brimming with an overflowing abundance of sheer adrenaline – combustible intensity, whichRead more ⟶

The Way We Say Things Matters

The history of communication itself can be traced back since the origin of speech circa 500,000 BCE – from primitive times, to petroglyphs, to pictograms, to ideograms, to writing – the common theme has always been storytelling. Throughout history, we’ve seen that what people say and how they communicate can either inspire people or destroy them. ARead more ⟶

Are You Looking for A Coach, Mentor or Both?

As a master coach and speaker on the topic of mentorship, I am often asked: “What is the difference between coaching and mentorship?” There are a number of businesses promoting mentorship while at the same time introducing formal coaching programs to enhance individual performance.  Participants who are driven by success often ask about the differenceRead more ⟶

Risk Taking Becomes a Way of Life for The Successful

In light of Kobe Bryant’s death on January 25, 2020 from a helicopter tragedy, I am compelled to write about the risk profile that many of our heroes and industry titans must face and master on the path to success. The question I’m pondering is this: Do all successful people, by nature, become numb to risk-taking? IsRead more ⟶

I Had To Change or Die

Never would I have thought that I would be running the business of my dreams only doing the work I LOVE and I get to do it on my terms. How did I get here? I had to change or die.  Let me explain. I became extremely ill to the point of literally being daysRead more ⟶

4 Lessons I’m Teaching My Kids as an Entrepreneurial Working Mom

According to a survey conducted by 99 Designs and featured in Entrepreneur, three-quarters of women who are entrepreneurs juggle being the primary childcare providers within their families as well. As an entrepreneurial working mom myself, I can tell you first-hand, this is no easy feat!  However, despite the daily chaos and challenges, I feel it’s completely worthRead more ⟶