Collective Creativity … Moving Forward Together

Your instinct to all the COVID-19 news is probably telling to you panic right now, maybe even paralyzing you from any action other than watching Netflix and seeing what’s in fridge (on repeat). I know, I’ve been right there with you! Although I needed to give myself time to let it all sink in —Read more ⟶

Coronavirus: Inclusion Not Just a Pretty Slogan

We’re heading into a new stage. This is about us making the transition from the egoistic/individualistic path we’re currently on, to the altruistic path where our thoughts and intentions are less centered on the self. It is still only a transition phase at this point. We cannot yet grasp how all the crises — including the coronavirus,Read more ⟶

70 Life Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner

Dear Younger Me: I know that many folks make you feel scared to pursue your dreams. They whisper doubts and spread fear and make you question everything, don’t they? Do you know why they do that? Because they’re scared to pursue their dreams, not because you should be scared to pursue yours! Truth is, sharingRead more ⟶

Status “Unemployed”

“I’m currently unemployed” “I’m looking for a job” “I’m on the market for new opportunities” I’ve spoken to many people young and old who stated these words, visibly uncomfortable with their confession. I’ve also been one to say these exact same words as I intentionally tried to deduce whether my saying I was job-hunting wouldRead more ⟶

6 Ted Talks That Will Inspire You to Make a Change

We can all agree that long commutes to work are a pain. And one of the best ways to spend that time productively is to watch TED Talks that fuel your mind. If you dig inspiring content as much as I do— then here are five TED Talks to trigger change in your life. REFUSINGRead more ⟶