Healthy Loving For A Fight That’s Well!#Coronavirus

And so, this period continues. . .News stations are ongoing, and the current public health epidemic is what colors announcements. We are hearing it every hour, minute, second, and millisecond, the moment we decide to switch from a television series or film. We are told about its increasing spread. Provided with information on the numberRead more ⟶

Coronavirus: A Lesson in Mutual Responsibility

Who would have thought that a virus, and not a particularly deadly one, would press the world’s kill switch? Who would believe in the beginning of this year that a measly flu-like germ with the name of a beer brand would paralyze aviation the world over, crash stock markets globally, start an oil-price war betweenRead more ⟶

For Just One Day! In Honor Of International Women’s Day 2020, Women’s Herstory Month

“A woman’s work is never done.” My how much of an understatement that is. The work of working women is endless. It never stops. And, during the break times, there are other women, who must continue the work. Just as the Earth is always in constant motion, so is feminine energy. In fact, the stopRead more ⟶

3 things we can all learn from Mr. C – making a difference every day!

The whole saga started with a freak accident. A relative of ours who we had invited from India had a sudden fall and as a result had to be taken to the ER followed by a day recuperating at the hospital and was back home 24 hours later. Done. Not really! The labyrinth maze thatRead more ⟶


Wholeness noun 1. the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity. 2. the state of being unbroken or undamaged. For many, the sense of self is ego-based. Individual egos have self-centred aims, tastes, desires, opinions, likes or dislikes. The very construct of the ego brings with it a built in conflict with other egos. IfRead more ⟶

The Most Important Lesson I Learned From Writing A Book On Emotional Intelligence

Photo by Charles Emotional intelligence, the ability to identify, understand, and manage emotions, can take many different forms. It’s the ability to actually take negative feedback and grow from it, rather than allow it to ruin your day (or month). Or it could be the ability to “disagree and commit,” to go all in with someone you love andRead more ⟶