Retrospectively Looking Over My Work as a Copywriter

Y’know when life comes up with one thing after another, to the point that you end up losing all focus and just powering on through? That’s kinda what’s happened with this blog. And it totally sucks that I had to drop my regular updates on here. What Happened? Between my freelancing, spending time with myRead more ⟶

15 Healthy Habits for a Positive Life.

When I was nine years old, my father left us. We were three boys, and I was the youngest. The responsibility to raise and support us was then on my mother’s shoulders. She worked very hard, sometimes three jobs at a time. When my two brothers got older, they got involved with drugs. The oldestRead more ⟶

These Daily Habits are Draining Your Personal Power

When life feels stressful and out of control, or when you feel frustrated and disappointed, the first tendency is to start pointing fingers. The economy, the government, your family, your boss, that thing your teacher said to you in 3rd grade… The problem with blaming those outside events is that it leaves you feeling powerless.Read more ⟶

Simply Put, Happiness Is Love

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. -Marcus Aurelius Antonius The ever-elusive answer to “happiness” has baffled scholars, psychologists, and the every-day human for millennia. There are countless articles, written books, and podcasts on the subject — happiness, and how to find it.Read more ⟶

Your LIFE Breeds Content, and CONTENTMENT in the ARTS

Art and life require problem solving. Great art, like a fullfilling life, must meet both ups and downs, joy and sorrow, black and white in a way that requires creative solutions to find hope in the bad, and amplify our feelings of joy and gratitude in the good. Though our environment and the outside worldRead more ⟶