How to think about the coronavirus without losing your mind.

Through some very strange and sometimes horrific circumstances, I have become an expert on coping with uncertainty. Having been in situations where I saw someone lose their life, being diagnosed with breast cancer, being attacked by a psychopath who wanted to kill my children during a home invasion, and sadly more, I have learned toRead more ⟶

When mentors leave us…

Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash With the passing of Kobe Bryant, many people around the world didn’t just lose an amazing athlete, many lost a mentor.  When a mega-star passes away, it sends shock waves through our consciousness.  We now must imagine our life without that star to follow.  Depending on the importance of the lost individualRead more ⟶

What did I Learn Reading a Book a Week in 2019?

I always dismissed my inability to focus.  Outside of the Harper’s Bazaar, for years reading was merely a holiday past time, the benefits quickly forgotten within half an hour of returning from our annual summer break at Noosa. It was only when I suddenly had too much time on my hands, when the silence inRead more ⟶