Relationship Crisis or Wake Up Call?

Life has its way of giving us feedback and letting us know when we are going in a painful direction. The feedback shows up in many forms. One of the forms is a relationship crisis. Unfortunately, however, often when this occurs rather than this being seen as an awakening process, it is perceived as aRead more ⟶

Effective Communication vs. The Language of Hint

Communication is beautiful when we are expressing ourselves, being understood, comforting someone, and being comforted. We all know that it takes more than one person to communicate, but I have observed that instead of really listening to the person who is speaking to us, sometimes we can be solely focused on being heard. This canRead more ⟶

How Your Spouse’s Cheating is Going to Hurt Your Kids.

Adultery.  Now I have your attention.  As a leading divorce attorney and family law mediator for 30 years, I have to say that in almost all the divorce cases that I have been involved in, one or both of the parties has cheated on the other. The fact is, happily married people aren’t the onesRead more ⟶

Exploring The New Relationship Paradigm

The story of the “white picket fence” family, riding off into the sunset with Prince(ss) Charming, or living Happily Ever After with our one true love is changing. The truth is that it has changed. Old stories, like the one that has defined divorce as a failure or the one that led us to believeRead more ⟶

Is Your Marriage To An Entrepreneur Doomed?

Today’s current 50 percent divorce rate is evidence enough that marriage is challenging. But, what if you impose an extra challenge on top of that? How does having one or both partners be entrepreneurs impact the likelihood for marital success? To find the answer, I spoke with Trisha Harp, founder of the Harp Family Institute (HFI), which focuses on the impact that entrepreneurshipRead more ⟶