The Mindset Shift That Will Help You Be a More Effective First Responder

First responders are facing immediate on-the-ground challenges amidst the coronavirus crisis. As The New York Times reports, “doctors, nurses and other front-line medical workers across the United States are confronting a dire shortage of masks, surgical gowns and eye gear to protect them from the virus.” And while Congress has passed an $8.3 billion emergencyRead more ⟶

Why Healthy Daily Habits Make You a More Effective First Responder

While millions of people are staying home to flatten the curve of coronavirus infections, health care professionals  — the front-line workers of this crisis — are asked to go to work and protect their communities.  And while it’s always been important to practice healthy habits in this line of work, it’s more essential than everRead more ⟶

Why It’s So Important to Make Yourself a Priority

For so many of us, the idea of prioritizing our own needs can seem completely at odds with our instincts. We think it’s “selfish” or “self-indulgent” to put ourselves at the top of our priority list, so we don’t. The mistake we make is not realizing that when we ignore our needs and allow ourselvesRead more ⟶

How to Tell if You’re Already Dehydrated, and How to Fix It

Have you ever been at work and suddenly hit by a throbbing headache? What about dry mouth, or starting to feel shaky? If so, you’re not alone: You were probably dehydrated. And according to science, when the physical symptoms of dehydration hit, you’re already dehydrated.  In order to combat this exhaustion, it’s important to ensureRead more ⟶

If You’re Groggy at Work, You Might Be Dehydrated

If you’re unusually exhausted or unable to focus at work, you may be inclined to reach for a coffee. But you’ll really benefit from water.  According to research from Yale University School of Medicine, staying hydrated and consistently drinking water are important for your health and efficiency, especially while on the job. Dehydration can causeRead more ⟶

How to Successfully Track Your Progress Toward a Goal

When we decide to make a change to the way we work or live, we know that setting small, attainable goals is the most impactful way to form a new habit. But it’s equally important to regularly check in with our progress toward those goals. After all, when you’re committing to a Microstep, following throughRead more ⟶

3 Ways To Get Back On Track With Your Resolutions And Build Self-Confidence

There’s still time! Have you already fallen off track with your New Year’s resolutions? If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, studies show only 8 percent of people succeed after the first few weeks. However, not only does achieving your New Year’s resolutions help you reach your personal goals, it also builds self-confidence.  Here are three excellent ways toRead more ⟶