Life Goes On

Our thoughts take us away from being consciously present in the moment. Knowing the thought-free, inexpressible presence of conscious awareness is an essential part of life at any time, and especially now, when we find ourselves living in a new reality. At any moment, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves the crucial question: where’sRead more ⟶

Calm and Conscious

Calm and conscious During this time, it can be a challenge to stay focused – even for the calmest and most conscious, there seems to be a constant stream of noise.  On 26 February 2020, I commenced a 40-day social media detox for lent, a spiritual fast in the lead up to Easter. Different culturesRead more ⟶

Feeling Overwhelmed by the New Coronavirus Worries? Mindfulness Comes to the Rescue! Part 1 of 3

Are you worried about the new coronavirus? Join the crowd; the global crowd, and the global worry! Not only is the new coronavirus by itself a challenge of unprecedented magnitude, but it is also amplifying the challenges we were already facing including the state of the global economy, healthcare costs and accessibility, social inequality, unconsciousRead more ⟶

We’re Not Our Thoughts

Inside all of us is a single conscious awareness, the source of all our thinking. We’re not our thoughts about ourself, we’re the one conscious space in all of us that’s giving rise to thoughts. This calm, no-thoughts, universal awareness offers us a refreshing inner place, away from our thinking. We may already know thisRead more ⟶

How to Work from Home + Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Partner

“The only constant in life is change.” -Heraclitus. Boy, are we going through some big change! At times, it can seem like each hour presents a new reality. And for many, that reality is working from home for the first time…and maybe working from home with your partner or even your kids for the first time.Read more ⟶

Social Closeness

Instead of calling it social distancing, how about calling it physical distancing? Just because the government and its associates recommend people keep physical distance from each other, doesn’t mean we can’t be socially close. This is an excellent opportunity for us to come together and align for the greater good of ALL… if we areRead more ⟶

On Talking to Children About Social Distancing

We’ve had school cancellations for inclement weather and other unforeseen crises or incidents but we’ve never had cancellations for social distancing purposes. The concept of social distancing has taken some time for us adults to wrap our minds around and for some has posed additional dilemmas in this balancing act we call parenting. But theRead more ⟶

Finding the Space Inside Us

Our thoughts don’t see, they don’t experience our life. The inexpressible, inner conscious space in all of us brings seeing and experiencing into our lives. We’re not our thoughts about ourself, we’re the one conscious space in all of us that’s giving rise to thoughts. We’re the inexpressible cosmic silence we can find inside ourselves.Read more ⟶

Social Distancing – The Irrational Anxiety of Solitude

Technology is a Platform Powered by Culture and Values The Psalmist had a good point.  “Though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.”  The companion the author was referring to is a higher spiritual power that is an ever-present presence.  That nurturing thought comforts usRead more ⟶


Whether you are an entrepreneur or employee, you are expected to meet deadlines, make complex decisions quickly and effectively, and manage relationships with others – all while producing top-quality results. This isn’t always easy or possible.   However, practicing mindfulness at work can yield huge benefits as it can help calm our minds, improve our dailyRead more ⟶