Olympic Runner Allyson Felix Says She Didn’t Think She’d be at Her ‘Top Level’ After Having a Baby. Just 10 Months Later She Smashed Usain Bolt’s Gold Medal Record.

Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix says she feared having a baby would damage her athletic career — and then she beat Usain Bolt’s gold medal record at 10 months postpartum. “So many things in my life had changed,” Felix told TODAY Parents on Monday about giving birth by emergency C-section in November 2018. “My body had gone throughRead more ⟶

From One Single Parent to Another

When my husband announced that he was leaving when my child was eighteen months old, I was shocked, sad, ashamed, and mostly terrified. I had not been employed for two years and was not sure if I could feed my child, much less keep my house. The shame had me believe that not only wasRead more ⟶

On Love

Sanskrit has 96 words for love. Arabic has at least 11. There are four in Greek. Yet here I am with just one. One feels like enough for me though. Especially when there are so many adjectives and ways to describe the different kinds of love I experience. Love is my love umbrella. I amRead more ⟶

I was a Type-A Mom Trying to ‘Have It All.’ Then I had a Mental Breakdown.

As little girls, we are told we can be whatever we want to be. As women, we are told to be everything everyone else wants us to be: attentive mother, dedicated employee, ladder-climber, shatterer of glass ceilings, loving partner, engaged community member, selfless friend, and tower of strength. We are expected to appear as if we’ve gotRead more ⟶

Mothers, Guard Your Heart: The Importance of Boundaries in Motherhood

There is nothing more celebrated than the heart of a mother. From Shakespeare to Hallmark, the message is clear — the limits of a mother’s boundless love can never be reached.  That’s a lot of pressure.  The expectation to be everything for everyone is so ingrained in our idea of motherhood that we often failRead more ⟶

Shay Mitchell & Ashley Graham Open Up About Prepartum Depression (Yes, It’s a Thing)

Shay Mitchell recently visited a very pregnant Ashley Graham on Graham’s YouTube series, Pretty Big Deal, to discuss the powerful emotions both of them struggled with in the very beginnings of their pregnancies. Their conversation sparked an interesting debate: Is there such a thing as “pre-partum depression”? Mitchell gave birth to her daughter, Atlas, three months ago. She shares AtlasRead more ⟶

The importance of balancing Motherhood and Business

Working as an independent entrepreneur in my own business while feeling free: that was and always has been my dream. I was quite the hustler during high school holidays and I remember the magic of people asking me for help and me getting money for my work. I was immediately ‘hooked’ and started dreaming big.Read more ⟶

5 Simple Ways To Raise Healthy Eaters in the New Year

“New Year, New You” seems to be the month of January’s recurring mantra.  We are rapidly approaching the start of a new month and many adults globally are still scrambling to keep their New Year’s Resolutions.  It seems as though people everywhere are on a repetitive quest to eat better, lose weight, exercise more, makeRead more ⟶

Raising a Feminist Son

Years ago, when my son was not yet two years old, I was asked what I was doing to raise him to believe in gender equality. With my son still so young, I honestly hadn’t thought much about it. But knowing the question was a worthy one, I decided to stop and take a look.Read more ⟶