What We Can Learn From the Coronavirus Pandemic

Unlike pandemics of the past, which affected localities and regions, the coronavirus pandemic is global. It affects everyone in the world. Today, humanity shares a common concern as the virus has spread around the planet, taking no notice of any man-made national borders or social status classifications. Moreover, experts predict that the pandemic will last at leastRead more ⟶

When Will the Coronavirus Pandemic End?

We are not used to the coronavirus. We have no idea how we will come out of it and where we will head from here. If anyone thinks that it will pass in a few weeks, it won’t. We are in a new state that will endure the summer and head into the winter afterward.Read more ⟶

How to Make Sense of the Global Coronavirus Shock

It is well known that people do not appreciate what they have until they lose it. In fact, we would do the world a service to part ways for good with what is gone: our frenzied and selfish old lifestyle.  We might already be asking ourselves what our lives will look like after the coronavirusRead more ⟶

Demonstrations of Love Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world copes with radical change — social distancing, economic distress, uncertainty and a barrage of emotions from calm to fury — I have not observed people reacting from a place of fear. Rather, I have witnessed an outpouring of love.  I see people embracing life through a new lens. I believe what has emergedRead more ⟶

These Quarantini Times

I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to experience the memory of these “Quarantini Times.” It’s painful to hear about those who are suffering — body, soul or bank account. These could easily turn into dark days and memories full of heartache. I first started thinking of the image of myself at the end ofRead more ⟶

Coronavirus: A Lesson in Mutual Responsibility

Who would have thought that a virus, and not a particularly deadly one, would press the world’s kill switch? Who would believe in the beginning of this year that a measly flu-like germ with the name of a beer brand would paralyze aviation the world over, crash stock markets globally, start an oil-price war betweenRead more ⟶

Coronavirus is About Human Connection

Experts are saying it could take a year to get this virus under control. These are signs that we must start doing things differently — especially with everything to do with human relations. Human connections are broken and we must learn to correct them. Why is Nature Doing This To Us? There have always been,Read more ⟶

Surrounded and Educated by Nature

Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash In this “civilized” world most of us have been led to believe we’re something separate from nature, the very nature that sustains us. “The Lorax” comes to mind, Dr. Seuss’s 1971 children’s book. We sit in our tin palaces, looking at tin trees and concrete grass. “Unless someone like you caresRead more ⟶

On Love

Sanskrit has 96 words for love. Arabic has at least 11. There are four in Greek. Yet here I am with just one. One feels like enough for me though. Especially when there are so many adjectives and ways to describe the different kinds of love I experience. Love is my love umbrella. I amRead more ⟶

Finding Career Confidence in Unexpected Places

Pete Dominck had a thriving career as a host at Sirius XM Radio. After losing his job unexpectedly, he found himself looking for a solution to the feeling of loss. He turned to nature and found the results life-changing. In our “Walk with Walsh” interview, he opened up about the realities of ending a jobRead more ⟶