Patience is a Virtue; Especially When You are a High Achiever

“Patience is a virtue.” How many of you have heard that one before? I think we all have, right? I remember hearing that a lot growing up in a Catholic home. I think it was because I had NONE and my mom said it to me often. I even remember being told when making myRead more ⟶

Turns out there is more than one kind of patience.

You really never stop learning. In this last 2 years I learned that patience is not necessarily one of my virtues. It is funny because there are a lot of people in my life who would call me patient and understanding and in some situations I can be immensely patient. When I was in schoolRead more ⟶

Triplets Of Pretty Love! Black American Her/History 360, Women’s Herstory Month 2020

They are considered one of the hottest, most successful, women’s groups of all time. Tragedy may have changed things, but their legacy lives on. The messages they encouraged for teenagers, and young women, concerning safe intimacy, and themes of womanhood, continue to be heard, by today’s generation. The messages and songs of TLC, never goRead more ⟶

The art of practicing patience in trying times

As someone who is fairly decisive (unless hangry), even though I consider every which way out of most things before I land on a position, I know the challenge that comes with wanting to just run with something and instead having to wait – for that thing, or for the ‘right circumstances’ to come along.Read more ⟶

Don’t Ever Be Discouraged.

Life requires Patience. Because we are all experiencing who we are for the first time. You are experiencing who you are for the first time too. So it takes Patience to understand everything you are experiencing. And understand what it is you are experiencing too. It takes Patience to learn. Learn how to walk, learnRead more ⟶