How to survive making the hard decisions

Outward Bound Australia, where I spent ten years of my life, announced they are going into hibernation due to Covid19. After the fires wiped out a lot of their outdoor operating areas in National Parks, the cancellation of programs through the winter was a death knell. They’ve let go of all but five of theirRead more ⟶

Structure creates freedom

I love this paradox. It makes sense in so many different contexts. Habits eliminate choices; freed from choices, there is more room for imagination. Habits eliminate the friction of decision-making.  In teams, when there is structure, there is more room for creativity.  How so? In an interview on the podcast, author of the Innovation Mindset,Read more ⟶

How to stop anonymous feedback destroying culture

Giving feedback is hard. We are afraid of hurting people’s feelings. Afraid of their reaction. Afraid they may take it the wrong way. Afraid we might be wrong. Afraid that there might be repercussions for us, especially if the feedback is constructive and going up the chain. Given that feedback is hard, should we giveRead more ⟶

Do you struggle with buy in?

Colleen didn’t get it. Her idea for building a better culture was sound. She wanted to run a Culture Compass session with her teams so they could set the right expectations of how they might work together. It’s a solid platform for good team relationships.  One of her direct reports, Henry, wasn’t having a bar of it.Read more ⟶

Change Perspective for Better People Stuff Power

There’s a picture of me at fifteen in a brand new bathing suit. It’s fancy with a spectacular design and bright yellow trim.  I remember my fifteen-year-old self looking at this photo when we got it back from the printer (well before immediate digital gratification). She grabbed the photo and peered at it closely. “MyRead more ⟶