Are You Struggling To Care For Your Wellbeing At Work?

If you’re finding it challenging to care for your wellbeing so you can stay engaged and productive at work right now, know that you are in good company.  Researchers have consistently found that we thrive at work when we have opportunities to experiencing heartfelt positive emotions, to be engaged and able to accomplish goals thatRead more ⟶

Finding Purpose in a Pandemic

I was in the parking lot at my kids’ daycare when I got the notification. I looked down at my phone, and nausea returned. The first word of the e-mail subject line read, “Canceled.” It was the latest in a string of messages that obliterated my false sense of stability, security, and purpose. A bigRead more ⟶

Do You Know The SMART Way To Ask For Help?

Do you struggle when it comes to asking for help at work?  Perhaps you’re worried about bothering your very busy colleagues, or maybe you fear being seen as incompetent, weak, or lazy.  But did you know that studies have found that most people want to help others, and when you make a reasonable and intelligentRead more ⟶

5 rituals to survive a bad run

Non-scientific advice to enjoy multitasking without losing the battle. From For<me> app insights It is true that we are in an era where we constantly seek for wellness and have a greater state of consciousness about what happens to us; but we also know that in times of turbulence, even the mountains tremble. Mercury retrograde,Read more ⟶

Can You Spread Wellbeing Through Your System?

Our wellbeing habits, attitudes, and actions spread through a complicated web of social connections around us, both at home and at work.  While studies are still discovering the best approaches for systemically supporting people’s wellbeing, researchers suggest looking for ways to improve wellbeing at the levels of “me” (individuals), “we” (teams) and “us” (your wholeRead more ⟶