Finding Purpose in a Pandemic

I was in the parking lot at my kids’ daycare when I got the notification. I looked down at my phone, and nausea returned. The first word of the e-mail subject line read, “Canceled.” It was the latest in a string of messages that obliterated my false sense of stability, security, and purpose. A bigRead more ⟶

How to beat the modern curse of email anxiety

As growing numbers of workers come under pressure to check-in outside of office hours, cases of email anxiety are rising steadily. Even opening their inbox on a Monday morning can leave many people full of dread. As one study from Virginia Tech noted, the encroachment on work email into private life “triggers feelings of anxietyRead more ⟶

Feeling Anguish? Listen to Your Body. Not to Other People.

The body says what words cannot. — Martha Graham I love swimming in Austin’s amazing Barton Springs Pool — it’s cold and enlivening. Most of the time I swim there three times a week, year round. But last year my dad and my dog died in the depths of winter. It doesn’t get that cold in Austin,Read more ⟶

Embrace Your Broken Parts: Unleash Love

I think that the rawest, most brutal parts of our humanity… can be incredibly beautiful if we’re willing to see it that way. That’s the great disparity. … When we can really embrace every bit of our humanity, even the parts that shame us the most, there’s such great beauty in being cracked open. How muchRead more ⟶

Are You Happy With Your Body Image?

When it comes to our notion of the ‘self’, there can be several factors that may be at play. Self-concept is the set of beliefs one holds about oneself and it is also comprehensive of our idea of who we might become in the future. However, it is the collection of ideas we hold aboutRead more ⟶

Why Introverts Struggle in a World Made for Extroverts

Photo by Sergio Souza on Pexels Are you a shy person? Do you struggle with groups of people, open-plan offices and crowded places? Is your idea of hell a noisy, busy party where you have to shout to make yourself heard? And heaven being curled up in an armchair with a favourite book? If so,Read more ⟶

How To Avoid A Disappointing Valentine’s Day

If you’re a guy, perhaps  you can relate to this. It’s Thursday afternoon, heading into evening and you’ve still got tons to do at work. You’re focused on closing deals so you can finish the day and relax this evening. Suddenly, you remember, tomorrow, this coming Friday, is Valentine’s Day! You’re screwed, you tell yourself.Read more ⟶

Psychology Behind a Modern Day UX Design Process

It’s a given that you need to design and code properly in order to get a useful and pleasant UX design. Everything needs to be functional, it needs to run properly, and to be smooth and, well, user-friendly. However, there is one aspect that is often overlooked by designers. They are either not even awareRead more ⟶

Don’t try and get your old self back

“If only I could go back to how I was when…”. Whether it has to do with emotional states or physical characteristics, binding ourselves to something that was months or years ago, creates a sense of mourning for the thing that we have lost. A few miles after departing from a former self that mayRead more ⟶