Crisis Leadership: What kind of a leader do you want to be?

A crisis is what defines a person and brings out either the best or the worst in them. It’s the same when it comes to leadership, a health come economic crisis like exactly what we are facing today will determine who is a real leader, has strong values and principles to guide others who areRead more ⟶

How the Coronavirus Will Transform Us

Today bright sunlight pours into my kitchen, warming my heart, and lifting my spirits. As I bask in the sunshine, I also start to notice the dust I have not gotten to and the grime that hides on appliances. Was it always there, I wonder? Am I seeing it now because the Light is shiningRead more ⟶

How to Rediscover Your Purpose in a Fast-Paced Career

by Angela Roberts Business moves faster and faster each and every year. One year, business is booming, and the next it’s disappeared. When things are changing so rapidly, it can be challenging to find a way to keep your motivation up, keep pushing forward, and maintain your purpose. Here’s how you can rediscover your passionRead more ⟶

Connecting the Dots.

It’s in uncertain times when we often discover sometimes we need to pick up the pace! How many times have you heard the saying – “It’s a Marathon not a sprint?” The analogy makes sense; that great things can take years to build. But the reality is we can’t control some of the impacts on ourRead more ⟶

Il Potere Positivo del Pensiero Negativo

“Sia l’ottimista che il pessimista danno il loro contributo alla società. L’ottimista inventa l’aeroplano, il pessimista il paracadute.” – George Bernard Shaw L’ottimismo è stato a lungo osannato, e lo è tuttora, come strada preferenziale per il successo, la salute e la felicità. Ma anche il pessimismo può aiutare le persone a raggiungere i loroRead more ⟶

From Le Cordon Bleu Chef to Entrepreneur

Lauren Lutchna attended Le Cordon Bleu to study French pastry, but now, she’s using her baking knowledge to transform natural ingredients into powerful personal care products. After struggling with their own skin conditions for several years, Lauren and her husband teamed up to make effective, plant-based personal care products they could share with the world.Read more ⟶

Finding Purpose in a Pandemic

I was in the parking lot at my kids’ daycare when I got the notification. I looked down at my phone, and nausea returned. The first word of the e-mail subject line read, “Canceled.” It was the latest in a string of messages that obliterated my false sense of stability, security, and purpose. A bigRead more ⟶

Anger and the Cheating Spouse

The following is a reflection on the words of Pema Chodron with a small section from my upcoming book, When They Cheat: Recovering Your Power and Purpose in the Face of Loss and Uncertainty. The peaceful photo heading up this blog post is a favorite place of mine that I return to often. It isRead more ⟶

Getting CLIENTS is a SKILL…and it’s the one you need no matter what kind of business you run

Before you can handle any of that, you need the clients FIRST. So many people get this backwards, and end up investing all this time and money into tech that won’t work for them because they missed the most important step: solving their clients’ problems. So if you’ve been focused on tech, that’s why itRead more ⟶

Have you lost something and can’t seem to move on?

Have you noticed the way that one conversation can plant a seed that leads you to great clarity? The way that the simplest sentence can suddenly open up a whole train of thought and allows you to see something you’ve been struggling with for so long in a completely different way? That’s exactly what happenedRead more ⟶