Relationship Crisis or Wake Up Call?

Life has its way of giving us feedback and letting us know when we are going in a painful direction. The feedback shows up in many forms. One of the forms is a relationship crisis. Unfortunately, however, often when this occurs rather than this being seen as an awakening process, it is perceived as aRead more ⟶

7 Steps to Defeating Stress

Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? If so, you’re not alone. According to Gallup, 80% of Americans are afflicted by stress (Given the current state of the world, it’s probably closer to 90 or 100 percent). Its sources are endless: the news, responsibilities at home and work, your side hustles, social media, friends—even theRead more ⟶

How School Closures Can Strengthen Your Family

It’s chilly outside, but a summer—of sorts—has started in my household this week. My two college students and two high schoolers are home from school for the foreseeable future. There is both excitement about lengthened spring breaks (one high schooler) and real sadness (the others). And there is, of course, a lot of chaos andRead more ⟶

Preserving Closeness While Social Distancing

Can you imagine asking a friend to have a virtual coffee date or a glass of wine? It works. Emotional connections are important. Yet the need for social distancing can result in emotional distance. What are some of the ways we can virtually ease the isolation of social distancing? When socially isolated, children will miss the attention they receiveRead more ⟶

Are You In a Relationship with a Narcissist

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a kind of personality disorder characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-worth, an extreme need for admiration, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people. According to research, the men and women narcissist ratio is 2:1, which means that on every female narcissist come two men with the same personalityRead more ⟶

How to Talk About Work-Life Integration with Your Partner

If your partner is on a sixteen-hour six and a half day work schedule and you’re feeling neglected, find out what his real priorities are. Many successful men and women are forever working at their jobs.   And in the age of technology, people frequently ‘work’ the majority of their waking hours, emailing and textingRead more ⟶

Apocalyptic Feelings

42% of people who commit suicide allegedly do so due to relationship issues.  Why?  7.5 billion people on the planet and we humans are willing to kill ourselves if ONE does not like us or treat us the way we think they should.  Why? Anyone who has been through the pain of a bad relationshipRead more ⟶

Effective Communication vs. The Language of Hint

Communication is beautiful when we are expressing ourselves, being understood, comforting someone, and being comforted. We all know that it takes more than one person to communicate, but I have observed that instead of really listening to the person who is speaking to us, sometimes we can be solely focused on being heard. This canRead more ⟶

5 Quick Tips To Help You Connect With Anyone You Want To Meet

How would it feel if I told you that the person with whom you most want to connect is less than 3.5 degrees of separation away from that interaction you so desire? Don’t let that emotion pass, because if you believe the scientists at Facebook, it’s true. According to their research, “Within the US, people are connectedRead more ⟶

How to Find a Spiritual Relationship and Partner

Ah, love! Is there any other topic that inspires songs, poems, books and other creative works more than love? Such a “rabbit hole” of a topic, just like in Alice in Wonderland, especially when involving spirituality. When one asks the question “What is God?”, the answer can rightly be given as, “God is LOVE.” It’sRead more ⟶