Living Dreams In Judy’s Rainbow 🌈! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

She was more than an entertainer, Hollywood icon, singer, actress, or dancer. Judy Garland is the performance of how to. . .dream! What she taught Hollywood, her audience, and the world, is that dreams are invisible hopes, that we seek in a reality. Her quotes, songs, performances, characters, and interactions with her audience were reflectionsRead more ⟶

Triplets Of Pretty Love! Black American Her/History 360, Women’s Herstory Month 2020

They are considered one of the hottest, most successful, women’s groups of all time. Tragedy may have changed things, but their legacy lives on. The messages they encouraged for teenagers, and young women, concerning safe intimacy, and themes of womanhood, continue to be heard, by today’s generation. The messages and songs of TLC, never goRead more ⟶

Life’s Not Fair, So Let’s Make It. . .So!

When bad things happen, or wrongdoings have been made against us, we are often met with that same, tired response. Life’s not fair. OR That’s life! Time and Time again we are given these tired responses. Responses that are so flat. Dismissing the seriousness, agony, and harshness of imbalance. The Spirit and energy arising whenRead more ⟶

Making Your Life a Series of Moments

Welcome to our special section, Thrive Global on Campus, devoted to covering student mental health, well-being, and redefining success from all angles. If you are a college student, we invite you to apply to be an Editor-at-Large, or to simply contribute (please tag your pieces ThriveOnCampus). We welcome faculty, clinicians, and graduates to contribute as well. Read more here. ARead more ⟶

What If There’s Nothing Wrong With You?

Our Thoughts Are Saboteurs “Self-doubt is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing.” — Steve Maraboli What comes to mind when you read the title of this article? Pay close attention to your inner dialogue and notice what it’s telling you. Is it disparaging or one of disbelief? Our immediate response is often rightRead more ⟶

How To Practice Self Love Each And Every Day

Most people are familiar with the adage “ you first need to learn how to love yourself, before you can love another”. Knowing this and practicing self love however,  are two very different things. It’s worth stating, that intellectually, almost everyone, kind of sort of understands the heart of this adage.  But the idea ofRead more ⟶

How To Love And Nurture Your Neglected Self

Opportunities To Love And Nurture Our Neglected Self “Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.” ―Pema Chodron What is the relationship you have with yourself? Are you aware of your inner dialogue related with your self-worth? How do you treat yourself when you’re angry, fearful or sad? How we relateRead more ⟶

Climbing To Higher Ground, For A More Successful You!

When we are aspiring to another realm, a greater level of success, there is an aura of discomfort which arises. Its as if you are pushing, or pulling, yourself out of a lower energy. You feel the effects of unease. Sometimes, it feels as if you are being lazy. Either way, it doesn’t feel veryRead more ⟶

Sealed and Safeguarded, In Gardens Of Our Own! Black American His/Herstory Month

So, as February continues on, the world of Black American Her/History Month, presses through in its celebration. There is just something magical about it being celebrated in 2020! And, with that comes another conversation. Who is February really for? A recent article on (entitled “Don’t pit slavery descendants against black immigrants. Racism doesn’t knowRead more ⟶

Let Me Love Me, So I Can Love You

Falling in love at 18 and falling in love in your 30s is a different type of feeling. You change as a person, what you want changes and either you adapt and adjust, or you move forward in different directions. We were together for seven years before he popped the question. I had always wantedRead more ⟶