How Social Media Sensationalism Is Fueling Stress Around Coronavirus

The coronavirus is spreading, and so is the panic-inducing media coverage. As Neal Rothschild and Sara Fischer write in Axios, “Many of the coronavirus stories getting shared the most on social media are packaged to drive fear rather than build understanding about the illness.”  As coverage of the virus has taken over the internet andRead more ⟶

Here’s What Vulnerability on Social Media Really Looks Like

Every time a brand or influencer on social media encourages you to let your guard down, be authentic, show your vulnerability, an angel gets its wings, or so I’ve heard. Vulnerability is perhaps the most overused word of 2019, and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down this year. With that, I’d like toRead more ⟶

11 Female Founders Share the Difference Between Their Social Media and Real Life

When social media as we know it emerged in 1997, it had the simple mission of helping people connect with each other.  Now, social media carries a much larger weight: It’s a personal branding tool, a vetting mechanism, and a way to document our lives for the world to see. There’s pressure like never beforeRead more ⟶

I was a Type-A Mom Trying to ‘Have It All.’ Then I had a Mental Breakdown.

As little girls, we are told we can be whatever we want to be. As women, we are told to be everything everyone else wants us to be: attentive mother, dedicated employee, ladder-climber, shatterer of glass ceilings, loving partner, engaged community member, selfless friend, and tower of strength. We are expected to appear as if we’ve gotRead more ⟶

How to Have a Mindful Vacation

When I was on vacation in Cancun, Mexico recently, I took lots of pictures of my friends, my husband, and the beautiful landscape. Whenever one of us took a great picture, we shared it with the group.  But I didn’t share any of those pictures on social media or with anyone else. BONUS FREEBIE: Want evenRead more ⟶

Expert Josh Miller Provides His 3 Tactical Strategies For Scaling on Social Media

This year’s social media winners will be those who use these social media strategies. Social media has taken this generation by storm. Nowadays, your online following is like your resume. Many millennials see your following and engagement numbers as equivalent to your overall credibility. Even the big guys – Apple, Starbucks, Taco Bell and manyRead more ⟶

Do You Need a Social Media Check Up?

The first time I ever thought about the potential negative effects of social media use was when a friend and I were discussing her widowed daughter. Lisa’s husband had died in a tragic accident, and she was grieving by spending hours alone in her bedroom, scrolling through her social media feed. My friend was worriedRead more ⟶

The IRONY of Instagram

Hi friends, So this week we had some great Culture Classes. One of the 40 zeitgeisty subjects that we talked about (within the 60-minute class) was The IRONY of Instagram. We all know about the loads of research proving the links between social media use and mental health issues. It’s no surprise. In fact, just a few weeks ago,Read more ⟶