Gazes Of Truth! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

The eyes are consistently viewed as the telling of truth. Eyes reveal truth, even when the mouth hides from it. That’s the reality of it. Covering the eyes, consistently can mean a few things. It can mean that one doesn’t want their inner truth revealed. Afraid of one’s vulnerabilities to be exposed. Or, it meansRead more ⟶

Robbed at 35,000 feet- The formula to resilience

Can you imagine being robbed and not being able to do anything about it?  That was me two months ago when I received a text message saying I was being robbed.  Them: “There are people in your apartment”  Me: “What?”  My stomach turning as I knew we still had two more hours in the airRead more ⟶

How to transform your life by speaking your intentions

Some things are undeniably powerful, like NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, an orbiting observatory that will dramatically expand our understanding of the galaxy or tennis superstar Serena Williams’ style of play, which lead to her winning the most Grand Slam titles of all time. But one of the most powerful forces of all doesn’t requireRead more ⟶