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    God is Always More

    Being with my mom as she begins her process of transitioning from this world to the next, I find myself reflecting on the many lessons she has taught me. I was about 18 years old and reawakening to the idea of there being a higher power in the universe but was not yet comfortable with the term “God.” However, Jesus’ message – “the kingdom of God is within you” – resonated deeply in my mind. As I was contemplating this profound truth, I asked my mom, “If God is within us, what if God is all creatures in all of creation put together?” Her response was simply, “God is always…

  • Spiritual Growth

    Getting to Stillness

    How does one get to the stillness at will? This question often teases us on our spiritual journey Sometimes you have a deep meditation experience and for a brief while, there is the experience of stillness and oblivion as to the passage of time. The moment you rise from the meditation seat, however, the world rushes in clamoring for attention as though it had sorely missed you for your brief interlude with the Divine. The meditative experience of calm and stillness quickly becomes just a memory tinged with wistfulness. I recently went through a medical issue that required hospita-lization and there were long spells of time when I had to…

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    Christmas for the Soul

    The Mystic Calling Christmas is a celebration of the heart. The holiday season is a precious moment in the year and is often celebrated with loving family celebrations and reunions, thoughtful exchanges of gifts, beautifully decorated homes and Christmas trees, festive and tasty dinners, joyful carols, hot apple cider, visits to the Christmas market, sparkling lights on the streets, happy glitter in the shops…and of course, the obligatory appearance of Santa Claus! Yet, beautiful as it is, some of us still feel a slight taste of shallowness if Christmas remains limited to the annual social get-togethers. “This can’t be all,” our heart feels as we yearn for something more profound.…