Dr Marshall Hubsher: Self-Isolation Can Strengthen our Spirit

Marshall Hubsher is a licensed psychiatrist, providing his psychiatric services in Roslyn, NY. He has nearly four decades of experience in successfully diagnosing, treating and preventing mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, insomnia, ADD and other mental illnesses. We are informed by experts that the elderly population isRead more ⟶

Devotion to Your Practice

Devotion is an essential ingredient of one’s meditation practice. It sparks the initiative to meditate, sustains our practice, inspires depth in our practice, and magnetizes God’s response. I like to think of it as the language of Love between Guru and disciple. Devotion is not a commonly used word in the West but, in fact,Read more ⟶

How to Trade Stress for Peace through Breath Prayers

Breath prayers can make praying as natural as breathing. As I wrote an article for work, I tried to focus despite the cacophony of sounds around me: the pinging of new emails arriving in my inbox, the conversations of coworkers in a hallway, and the beeping of a delivery truck outside. Then my cell phoneRead more ⟶

How to Find a Spiritual Relationship and Partner

Ah, love! Is there any other topic that inspires songs, poems, books and other creative works more than love? Such a “rabbit hole” of a topic, just like in Alice in Wonderland, especially when involving spirituality. When one asks the question “What is God?”, the answer can rightly be given as, “God is LOVE.” It’sRead more ⟶

How Relationships Help Us to Grow – Even the Hard Ones

Some might say relationships are a distraction on the path to God. Ram Gopal, the sleepless saint from Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi had a strong impact on my earlier opinion about this with his personal story: For twenty years I occupied a secret grotto, meditating eighteen hours a day. Then I moved toRead more ⟶

5 Ways How to Avoid the Stress Trap

To be able to venture beyond your comfort zone into the unknown with ease is to find ways to avoid the stress trap with all its false trimmings of safety and familiarity. Stress is nothing but a mind-body state that consists of thinking the worst-case scenarios and feeling the emotions of fear, doubt, and anger.Read more ⟶


Paramhansa Yogananda, brought to the West the path of Kriya Yoga and many spiritual exercises to help people attune to the consciousness of God. I experimented with one of his powerful exercises, and I’d like to share my experience with you. In the book, How to Awaken Your True Potential, Paramhansa Yogananda offers this exercise. PracticeRead more ⟶

The Secret to Life is in Asking

Life can be hard. We all deal with harsh situations like the pain of loneliness, a broken heart, deep grief, losing a job or serious health concerns. I’ve learned difficult life lessons over the years and remembering to ask myself a key question has been the secret to my sanity. Remembering to ask “What doesRead more ⟶

This Is Your Brain on Meditation

The devotee’s undesirable habit-mechanisms in the brain are often cauterized (in the presence of a saint); the groove of his worldly tendencies beneficially disturbed. -Autobiography of a Yogi The Positive Influence of Meditation on the Brain Regular meditation improves our lives. This phenomenon is gratefully experienced by countless people around the globe. But Why? One asks.Read more ⟶