Tony Hawk and 10 Other Entrepreneurs Share the Books That Changed Their Lives

The world’s most successful people read an outsized number of books. You don’t have time to read a ton of books right now. So we asked these elite CEOs and Advisors in The Oracles to share the one book that profoundly changed their life and why. Here are the life-changing books you should be reading (or rereading) next.  1.Read more ⟶

I Replaced My Daily Coffee With Tea for a Week and This is What Happened

“I think the answer is we all need a little help, and the coffee’s a little help with everything—social, energy, don’t know what to do next, don’t know how to start my day, don’t know how to get through this afternoon, don’t know how to stay alert. We want to do a lot of stuff;Read more ⟶

Everyday Habits of Energetic People

Energy is the key thing we all need to consistently do our best work — it’s the basis for getting things done. For many people, working around the clock and wearing multiple hats at once is the only way to consistently deliver results — their daily habits define their energy levels. When you are feelingRead more ⟶

Mika Brzezinski: My Life in the Age of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is everywhere. It has affected everything in our lives, often radically so. So many Americans have already sacrificed so much to stop the spread and save lives. But we must do more. Of course, this is easier said than done. Let me share some details of our situation. Joe and I haveRead more ⟶

In The Midst of Opportunity

John F. Kennedy is said to have quoted the following, “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” The accuracy of his quote has been disputed, even denounced, but the spirit of the quote is wonderfully applicable to the present day. If its alright withRead more ⟶

The Foods You Should Be Eating to Get A Better Night Sleep

Do you find yourself unwinding from a long day by curling up in bed with a good book and then lying awake for hours trying to fall asleep? Or even worse, waking up periodically throughout the night stressing about how tired you’re going to feel the next day? Sleeplessness can affect more than just yourRead more ⟶

7 Habits of Super Organised People

Staying organized can be a real challenge in today’s technological age when it’s become nearly impossible to unplug. As challenging as getting and staying organized can be, it’s a critical component of personal efficiency and productivity. While certain people seem to have effortless, calm days, others rush through their days, weeks and even months inRead more ⟶

Fear Can Spread From Person to Person Faster Than the Coronavirus – but There Are Ways to Slow It Down

It’s hard not to be scared of an invisible and spreading threat. AP Photo/Markus Schreiber Jacek Debiec, University of Michigan As cases of COVID-19 proliferate, there’s a pandemic of fear unfolding alongside the pandemic of the coronavirus. Media announce mass cancellations of public events “over coronavirus fears.” TV stations show images of “coronavirus panic shopping.”Read more ⟶

Want Your Employees to Care More About Being Productive? Change Their Answer to This 1 Question

About a year and a half ago, a junior consultant at a prestigious consulting firm disputed my advice on how to better manage his time: “Why should I care about becoming more productive? If I get my work done faster, they’ll just give me more work.” Part of me thought he was right. At the same time,Read more ⟶

How School Closures Can Strengthen Your Family

It’s chilly outside, but a summer—of sorts—has started in my household this week. My two college students and two high schoolers are home from school for the foreseeable future. There is both excitement about lengthened spring breaks (one high schooler) and real sadness (the others). And there is, of course, a lot of chaos andRead more ⟶