Everything You Need to Know to Create a New Habit

Change is inevitable, so the old saying goes. But often, changing habits can be easier said than done! Still, although it can be quite a task breaking from a routine cycle, it’s certainly not impossible. Whether you want to be more organized, reduce your social media consumption, or improve your self-care, there are indeed some tricks you can apply to make your new habits stick. Let’s look at some proven ways to help you create new habits, one dayRead more ⟶

Getting a Break from the Break Up

Image: Shutterstock (ThiagoSantos) I have often asked myself why it took me so long to get over my last relationship. For months and months, I cried and pondered the reasons. “Why did they just cut me out of their life, like an unwanted wart? How could they?” The fact of the matter is: during sex,Read more ⟶

The Art of Living in the Present

After my husband passed, a whirl of past and future danced in my mind. The sad movie of every memory we shared played endlessly: there he was on the night we met, the wildly handsome young man with a heavy mustache. Then we were waltzing on the dance floor of the restaurant he owned, steppingRead more ⟶