Living Dreams In Judy’s Rainbow 🌈! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

She was more than an entertainer, Hollywood icon, singer, actress, or dancer. Judy Garland is the performance of how to. . .dream! What she taught Hollywood, her audience, and the world, is that dreams are invisible hopes, that we seek in a reality. Her quotes, songs, performances, characters, and interactions with her audience were reflectionsRead more ⟶

Coronavirus making you work from home? Here are 10 tips to thriving while working from home

Amid Coronavirus concerns, some Silicon Valley companies have recommended that employees work from home for the foreseeable future, and more will likely follow suit in the coming weeks. Although this was done as a cautionary measure, we can expect more people to be working from home going forward. Working out of the comfort of yourRead more ⟶

Why Women In the Workplace Create Healthier Companies

Early in my career, I ran HR for a large engineering and product organization. I was the only woman on that team. I also happened to be a new mom.   When I returned to the team after my maternity leave, I had to figure out how to balance my role as a leader with myRead more ⟶