Musically Charmed By Mariachi Of Las Mujeres! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

The image of mariachi bands have traditionally been laid out as such: men musicians. Those “large hats” (sobreros), guitars, violins, and others, at play. It is one of those musical performances, where people can imagine a travel, floating music box. Coming to surround those, who care to hear. Spanish ballads of Mexican terrain. When youRead more ⟶

Minding Our Tongues, For A Feminine Speech! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

If woman could write herself, what would the scripts be? Crafting herself, her very existence, in her own sound. Creating symbols of that sound, while capturing them on paper. What would that design embody? What curves, lines, strokes, and other paintings, by stroke’s design, do women imagine their sound to be? Patterned designs reflecting theirRead more ⟶

For Just One Day! In Honor Of International Women’s Day 2020, Women’s Herstory Month

“A woman’s work is never done.” My how much of an understatement that is. The work of working women is endless. It never stops. And, during the break times, there are other women, who must continue the work. Just as the Earth is always in constant motion, so is feminine energy. In fact, the stopRead more ⟶


I’m so happy and privileged to identify as female today alongside so many powerful female-identifying Queens today! Women’s day is a mega-confidence boost that all female-identifying individuals deserve today and EVERY day. <3 While female identifying individuals should be celebrated everyday, it is crucial we take a day to set aside to acknowledge gender-inequality andRead more ⟶

How Women’s Beauty Standards Can Restrict Talent and Potential

If you’re a genius woman and you win a Nobel Prize, sell your paintings to the Louvre, or discover the cure for the common cold, you can pretty much bet that someone, somewhere will tweet about the size of your butt and the dimensions of your breasts. Among the genius women I interviewed, there seemedRead more ⟶

Managers Can Overcome Invisible Barriers With This Simple Trick

To advance women managers it’s not enough to simply know what their career aims are, leaders need to know what challenges women are experiencing and put solutions in place to overcome them. This is something leaders can do from the moment a woman joins the organization.  In 2018, I interviewed Arianna Huffington, founder of HuffingtonRead more ⟶

Why Women In the Workplace Create Healthier Companies

Early in my career, I ran HR for a large engineering and product organization. I was the only woman on that team. I also happened to be a new mom.   When I returned to the team after my maternity leave, I had to figure out how to balance my role as a leader with myRead more ⟶

From One Single Parent to Another

When my husband announced that he was leaving when my child was eighteen months old, I was shocked, sad, ashamed, and mostly terrified. I had not been employed for two years and was not sure if I could feed my child, much less keep my house. The shame had me believe that not only wasRead more ⟶