Joyful Work, Through Restless’ Times!

In these current times, and states of Being, one can feel the fruition of hard work to be halted. Its the worst feeling, ever. Well, one of the worst. The anguish of disappointments and frustrations in not seeing one’s current work, blossom, is heightened. With job lay offs, changes in work schedules, restructuring your homeRead more ⟶

How do you make sure that joy does not slide off the agenda at your workplace?

“Joy collected over time fuels resilience.” Brené Brown. Most workplaces have explored resilience training at some point.  They have recognised it is important to ensure their team have as many skills as possible in their toolkit to help them through the challenges that life presents from time to time.  Well this of course this is one ofRead more ⟶

3 steps to help manage overwhelm

Whether it’s in the workplace or in other areas of our lives, overwhelm can creep up at any stage when we feel busy. Sometimes it’s the feeling of a lot to do, a lot to process, or a place we’re working towards getting to. In any case, instead of constantly feeling at the mercy ofRead more ⟶

How To Promote Employee Health In Your Workplace

It is so important to have a work life balance today. There are so many things that cause stress in the work environment from: Customer complaints Client expectations Staff conflicts Workload management Take a day off if you have the flu It is best for employees to take the day off should they have aRead more ⟶

Workplace stress- the epidemic that shows no signs of improving- until now?

CURRENT SITUATION Workplace stress or burnout has now been classed as a disease by the World Health Organisation and is a recognised world-wide issue. Sadly, the current approach shows no signs of reducing the instances of workplace stress and I feel that we need to tackle this epidemic from a different angle. Albert Einstein onceRead more ⟶

What has meditation got to do with the workplace?

In the past meditation has been seen as the preserve of saffron-clad monks and hippies, unsuited for the business world so what has meditation got to do with the workplace? Perhaps surprising to some, introducing meditation to the workplace is increasingly being seen by employers as a low-cost way of reducing stress related issues inRead more ⟶