Gazes Of Truth! Women’s Herstory Month 2020

The eyes are consistently viewed as the telling of truth. Eyes reveal truth, even when the mouth hides from it. That’s the reality of it. Covering the eyes, consistently can mean a few things. It can mean that one doesn’t want their inner truth revealed. Afraid of one’s vulnerabilities to be exposed. Or, it means that one is trying to be deceptive. Either way, when the eyes are covered, one has to ask the question. . .What do we have to hide?

She is one of the most celebrated, and memorable actresses of Hollywood’s Classical age. Her eyes told stories. Her eyes conveyed of honesty. Her eyes, and the energies behind them, invited you to realities. Laura Bacall clearly had no problem in revealing her own. . .inner truth.

Lauren Bacall allowed us in! How we interpreted her gazes, were left up to the audience. Leaving us to question, and analyze our own perceptions. Nevertheless, through her eyes, she revealed herself. She was that courageous to do so! It doesn’t matter what was going on in her life. Her shortcomings, fears, challenges, or own vulnerabilities. That’s the beauty of it all!

She played different characters, and made them believable. People, who we could recall, or reminesce on. And, yet, her eyes never changed. They were always willing to guide, and lead us to understand her myriad complexities. That was the beauty of it all! She let us in.

When a woman, opens her eyes, and opens them to you, she is letting you take a journey into her Being. Who is she, as a woman? That’s the element of it. That’s the nature of learning the true essence of a woman. Does she let you in? When a woman permits you to look into her, does it lead you into riches? And, I don’t mean Earthly riches? Does she force you to learn the mysteries of the Universe? Does she lead you into the realm of life’s mysteries? The essence of time. How time is nourished, treasured, and catered to? Or are her eyes solely for that of vanity, seduction, and the entrapment of a man? Besides sensuality, what is the deeper purpose in the showing of her eyes? When you see her eyes, do you find yourself liberated? Do you find yourself connected to experiencing a greater power? Being elevated to greater heights?

Does her energy complement to where you want to go?


A woman’s eyes are more than just for beauty or show. The beauty, that gaze, should lead you to experiencing a taste of Heaven, on Earth. In knowledge. Wisdom. Overcoming boundaries. Observing the different of power. When you look into a woman, truly seeing her, does she show you how to plant seeds in foreign gardens? Does she connect to the maidens of those gardens in order to, build a system, that can allow your goals, and desires, to flourish throughout the world? Or, is she simply there for you to see? Comforted and see.

One of the aesthetics about Lauren Bacall, and her work, is that acting gave her the versatility needed, in order for us to really, see her. There are different connections, different meanings of her gazes. When we look at each one of them, we can stop to ponder. What is she thinking? Where is she trying to lead us? Different characters come alive, through these gazes. Her photos, alone, are spaces of artistry. Our minds become challenged. Her truths lead us into lessons; often ones we are trying to grapple with, in our own. . .inner truths.

That’s the beauty of those Lauren Bacall-type gazes! Their eyes are beautiful, so that we can recognize our inner aesthetic. Yet, in order to see that, we have to be willing to connect with our own truth. Going into a rich canvas, of ourselves, that we never explored. Never knew existed! Their eyes are part of that spiritual journey, many of us will soon have to take. That truth seeking journey of self realization. We all have to go through it. Its only that their eyes make that journey. . .more obvious!


Each photo of our beloved, Lauren Bacall, reveals a deeper meaning about, who we are. Each image, and its gaze, forces us to examine how we are to see and access our current state. That’s the beauty of it. We are connected to her, and we realize that, by that very look. When we look, Bacall looks back. Its a challenge. Forcing us to go on a solo path, as she watches. That inner truth may not be pretty. In fact, we may not even be aware of the ugliness, surrounding it. However, the eyes see it. They know even if we don’t. Even if we cover them up, the eyes don’t lie.

The richness of Lauren Bacall’s feminine gaze, reminds us on the true purpose of a woman’s gaze. It is for an invitation to. . .truth! It invites you in, bringing you to the point of being able to heal. By inviting us into her mirrors, she is giving us the opportunity to take a look at ourselves. Accept our mirrors, and the visions that they give to, ourselves. Do we like what we see, when we journey into our Souls? Do we see a need for improvement? If we observe the need for change, then how do we elevate to that next level, in order to feel complete? Feeling that we are going to where our destiny foretells. Even greater is knowing that we are being supported, with that right energy, along the way. That’s the real treasure in a woman’s gaze. For it gives meaning to one’s visionary truth!


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