6 Myths Of The Law Of Attraction Exposed And Explained

The Law Of Attraction has found itself on the receiving end of plenty of media attention over the past couple of years. This is no thanks to the recent movie ‘The Secret’! Consequently, this ensued an explosion of internet, television and newspaper exposure that it has received. As a result of this, ‘The Law OfRead more ⟶

The Law of Attraction and the Science of Getting Rich

What are you thinking about right now? The Law of Attraction states that “whatever we think about, we bring about“. This law may initially seem like new age fluff but believe it or not, there are scientific merits to this proposition. The top quantum physicists of our time have discovered that our universe and ourRead more ⟶

How to Use the Law of Attraction Effectively & Quickly

Learning how to use the law of attraction changed my whole life 7 years ago. Before that point, I believed that things happened to me and that I had no control over my own experience. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share my understanding of the law of attraction with you and how it’sRead more ⟶