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The Law of Gratitude

I like this quote’s “Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TV’s.” Jim Rohn. “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.” Sidney Greenberg

I have a huge library, and a firm foundation and a heart full of gratitude for my successful life now!

What happens when we feel like we are doing all the stuff hearing on the DVD “The secret” and reading in the book and we’re not really getting where we want to be? Is it possible that there is a missing link? Wallace Wattles says in his book, “The science of getting rich.

There is a law of Gratitude, and if you are to get the results you seek, it is absolutely necessary that you should observe this law

So, what is this Law of Gratitude and how does it work? Wattles tell us that it is an application of the law of cause and effect;

The law of Gratitude is the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions

This means that everything we put attention and emotional energy on, want or not want, will eventually show up in our lives. The universe and our subconscious mind don’t know the difference between good or bad, so they treat fear and enthusiasm exactly the same.

Therefore it’s important to be putting positive energy on what we want, and withholding negative energy as fear, doubts or worry on what we don’t want. As we are putting energy on it, we’re placing an order for it.

Gratitude is so important because it is a very high energy of positive vibration. It connects us with Source. Wattles says; You cannot exercise much power without gratitude because it is gratitude that keeps you connected with power. The creative power within us makes us into the image of that to which we give our attention. The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best, therefore it will receive the best” So he is saying, if we are grateful about everything, we are focusing on what we want. This is the reason the teachers of the Secret insist that you see your goal as already accomplished, and that you be grateful for it.. NOW! Using gratitude is a powerful way to be sure you’re putting strong energy on the goal. Many believe that there is a limited supply of stuff. This belief leads to competitive thinking, the idea that in order to get what you want, you have to have take it away from someone else. That’s is called lack thinking, and then it’s hard to be grateful when you think there is not enough.

So look at your life and find what works. Focus on that and be grateful for it, everyone has something to be happy about. It’s law that what we focus on grows in our life. What are you focusing on? What you have, or what you don’t have? When you are grateful for what you already have, you open a channel for more to come.

I recommend to do the following exercise daily for about a month.

Buy or make a gratitude journal, and write down all the things you are grateful for to have in your life now. Make sure you have at least 35 items and that you have a few items from every area of your life. Include your relationships, health, career, finances, hobby, and anything else you can be grateful for.

Making the list you may have felt a lot of resistance to some of the people or conditions on that list. That resistance is making it difficult for you to get what you want in life. Take a sheet of paper and write down the things you don’t like. Look at your car that is rusty, your spouse with the bad attitude, the bills that keep coming. Now write down what you’re grateful for about them. For example that you have a car and don’t have to walk, that your spouse is taking care for your needs, the income you have to pay for the benefits of the merchandise and services represented by the bills, when you want to take a shower there is warm water.

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