Tips and Tricks to ‘Up’ Your Football Game

Whether you are a rookie or a pro of your own league, football has definitely conquered your heart. Football is a game loved and played by millions of people around the world. Despite the incredible and interactive gameplay, some celebrities and superstars were born from this game. Whether it is your regular Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning feud or the fact that Lamar Jackson has led Baltimore Ravens to be a serious Super Bowl contenderit’s all the entertainment for the fans.  

Every football player is aspiring to become better and to accomplish this you need to put in the work. You can have your priorities sorted out for yourself if you fantasize of becoming a pro football player or just winning your next pick up game. Less than 1% of the football players who frequently play the game from a very early age excels in the game and gets a chance to enjoy living their best life by playing their favorite sport. Only a small proportion of people get the opportunity to play in large league titles, which allows the players and participants to earn wealth and fame. This is one of the many advantages of being a professional footballer.

To up your game the way professionals of the field do it, here are a few things that you need to learn and improvise: 

Improve your Footwork

In a sports shop or a typical online shop, you can get cones or flags for training sessions and to gain those footwork skills on point. You may also do drills in a small yard area, even though you have not much room. You can also practice inside the building when allowed – but you certainly do not want to carry the cleat on the inside. Place the cones or the flags while you step forward and run between them. This type of exercise inside gives you more than enough barriers and chances to shift gears and constantly change direction. Just make sure you don’t break anything! 

Improve game intelligence 

Game intelligence is defined by the willingness of a player to make intelligent choices on the field rapidly. A smart football player aims to keep the match as clean as possible, reducing energy savings and optimizing efficiency. Match intelligence essentially means to play smarter, not harder.

Smart players always understand who their teammates are and when they should be positioned in the field based on the opponent’s position. 

Two significant signs of being a smart player are that you are able: 

  • to tell them where they need to be if they don’t appear at the location
  • To predict the position of your teammate and almost search quick and instinctively without wasting much time. Understanding the underlying geometry and how the entire game operates is very important. An intelligent player will understand how to put themselves and their team players in wide angles and easily accessible positions while still in the game, especially at close angles and with hard openings to pass the ball when their rivals are in defense.

The ability to become a smart player comes from precise knowledge on the game, practicing like a pro as well as watching the game very closely.

Regular Practice

Even if you practice regularly with your team, solo practice will add up a lot and help you improve on the game. Allocate a specific time to practice your football every day for 20 or 30 minutes. It is essential to add an addition 5 to 10 minutes for a warm-up and cooling session to prevent yourself from injuries.

You may want to plan various exercises in order to practice many skills continuously. Think about adapting the drills and skills taught in team sessions and pre-match practices so you can do them yourself. You can also schedule collaborative practice sessions when you have a close friend nearby.


Many people aspire to become great footballers of the future. To reach that status, it is important to develop physical and mental fitness for the game, which can allow you to receive a celebrity status.

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