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The Law of Abundance

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The Secret Check from The Universe online

Bank of the Universe which called "Bank of Abundance" also it's realy Miracle. Having performed a magic ritual to attract money, the Universe will send you happiness and prosperity. Use the check of Abundance from the Bank of the Universe for specific goals and needs. This check is a tool to attract money. Real magic is here!


How to fill a Check Of Abundance:

  1. Write your name rightly (can fictitious).
  2. Provide your birthday. This will allow for the Universe exactly focus on your wish. If you create the check for other man (friend, relative...) and you does not know him birthday, write current day (today) as birthday
  3. Write FOR what you want to get money. No need to write in detail what you want to buy. The world is generous, it doesn’t matter to it. Only you know how to spend money. Write briefly, for example, to buy a 4-room apartment.
  4. Click on the button "Create a Check Of Abundance"

Dear, you are lucky holder of the Check of Abundance!

The amount on the check is set randomly, but in the Universe there is nothing accidental! If the amount seems small to you, you can click on the "Create a Check Of Abundance" button again.

When you have some wishes, for example, buy a car, apartment and go to the sea, create few check of Abundance.

Save the check image to your computer and print. It is just a beautiful piece of paper but take your magic pen and solemnly put your signature on the back side, for example, "I accept with gratitude (signature)." Now this is a check from the Bank of the Universe.

Take these checks seriously! This is real money! Imagine how now you spend this money and get great pleasure.

The World loves you!
The phrase is encrypted in the barcode.: With Love from the UNIVERSE! Be Happy, Rich and Healthy!