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Biorhythms it is no longer just a miracle, but confirmed by science. Thanks to the knowledge of the biorhythm calendar, you can successfully plan your life, activity and rest. This is not just a forecast of zodiac signs, but one of the best tools - Biorhythms of Your Life.


Instruction manual

Each calendar day is marked with a specific color that matches your well-being these days.

  1. A bluish color means a breakdown. These days you need to relax more, read books, do introspection...
  2. A yellowish color means a transitional state. Do not strain much, but it’s too early to roll on the couch.
  3. Green is the most productive state. Use these days for Great Deeds, do not spare yourself...

Biorhythms, also known as “biological clocks”, define many aspects in human life.

A biorhythm that matches Physical Strength monitors endurance, strength, and health.

An emotional biorhythm tracks the positive energy of the psyche and its stability, outlook on life, as well as your ability to empathize and build relationships with other people.

Intelligent biorhythm is a representative of verbal, mathematical and creative abilities, as well as your ability to analyze the world around you.

Intuitive biorhythm tracks unconscious perception, instincts. Thanks to this biorhythm, it can be useful to know when you can trust your "sixth sense".

Each of these biorhythms begins at the moment of birth. The cycle is divided into the active phase (above zero) and the passive (below zero).

The next day, when one or more rhythms changes from the active to the passive phase and vice versa is a critical day. On a critical day, the associated abilities are unstable, and then it makes sense to be very careful during this day.