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Magic Code for Your Wish online

Magic Calculator online this is magic of numbers, real wonderful, which helps you in any situations, especialy in heavy, when there is no hope for friends. Use this wonderful tool "Magic Calculator"

Your Magic Code

For calculation of Magic Code uses ONLY HAPPY numbers!

  1. Write your wish, for ex. FOR what do you want to get something or FROM what do you want to get rid of.
  2. Write your name rightly (can fictitious).
  3. Provide your birthday. This will allow for the Universe exactly focus on your wish.
  4. Click on the button "Get Magic Code"


"Dear Universe! I need a cozy house for a comfortable and safe stay. Thank you for your concern!"
"Dear Universe! Spare me the pain in my back. Thank you for your concern!"
And you can: "Dear Universe! Let this door be an exit to Paris and back to my city. Thank you for your concern!"


  • Write the magic code (number) on a piece of paper, on an object or on a hand. The main thing is to apply to the right place.
  • The barcode can be saved on your computer and then printed.
  • The barcode can be glued to a toy house, a car, a cup or simply put in a wallet.
  • You can embed a small barcode in your blog posts, on websites and forums.
  • The magic code is generated and your wish will be fulfilled in 27, because Universe cares about you.

Codes for inserting into forums and blogs

Big Magic Barcode My Magic Barcode
BBCode (replace "777" on your Magic Code):
small magic barcode My Magic Barcode
BBCode (replace "777" on your Magic Code):